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Starships & Sorcery Book Club

The Court of Lies by Mark Teppo

Thursday • February 19 • 5:30pm

Bellevue Store

Book Club

The Court of Lies

Join us for this special meeting of the Starships & Sorcery Book Club with Mark Teppo, author of this month's selection, in attendance.

If you need proof that Mark Teppo's imagination and storytelling ability know no bounds, this is it. A demonstration of Teppo's ability to write everything from fantasy to hard sci fi to satire, this first collection of his short stories is nothing short of stunning. Weaving in and out of worlds he's created in novels and entirely new ones, he tells stories of kings and queens, mermaids and werewolves, Santa and the North Pole, unreliable narrators and Orwellian futurescapes. And he'll join us to discuss them all at this special author event.

Starships & Sorcery Book Club meets on the third Thursday of the month at 5:30pm for discussions of the best in science fiction and fantasy.

Book club members save 20% when you purchase this title at our Bellevue store.

No Image Available Mark Teppo is the author of Rudolph!, The Potemkin Mosaic, Earth Thirst, Lightbreaker, and Heartland. He was also a contributor to the Foreworld Saga, notably the three volumes of The Mongoliad, Katabasis, and several of the SideQuests. During the day, he is the founder and publisher of Resurrection House, a fiercely independent genre publisher devoted to adoring the printed book from author to audience. At night, he is a synthesist, a trouble-shooter (and -maker), a cat herder, and an idea man. His favorite Tarot card is the Moon.

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