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Diane Les Becquets

Breaking Wild (BERKLEY)

Tuesday • February 16 • 6pm

Bellevue Store

Reading & Book Signing

Breaking Wild

A dramatic thriller about a wife and mother who goes missing in the Colorado wilderness and the female ranger determined to find her, Breaking Wild marks the stunning adult fiction debut by author Diane Les Becquets. In alternating chapters set against a powerful story of survival, Becquets peels back the lives and identities of both women to tell a tale of fractured relationships, tragic pasts, and the human capacity for friendship, love, loyalty, and living and believing against all odds. Flawed, fierce, and passionate, both women mirror the cruel and beautiful nature that surrounds them. Joining us for a reading and signing, Becquets will share their powerful story with us.

Diane Les Becquets Diane Les Becquets is a Professor of English and a faculty member at Southern New Hampshire Universitys MFA Program in Fiction and Nonfiction. In addition to teaching creative writing, she has worked as a medical journalist; an archaeology assistant; a marketing consultant; a sand and gravel dispatcher; a copywriter; and a lifeguard, and is also an avid outdoorswoman. A native of Nashville, she spent almost fourteen years living in a small Colorado ranching town before moving to New Hampshire. 

Pre-Order an Autographed Copy Please Note: Autographed copies of books are only available after the event. $26.00

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