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Randy Henderson

Bigfootloose and Finn Fancy Free (TOR)

Tuesday • February 16 • 7pm

U District store

Reading & Book Signing

Bigfootloose and Finn Fancy Free

After clearing his name of a crime he did not commit in the first book of Randy Henderson's delightful urban fantasy series, Finn Gramaraye is finally settling back into the world after being imprisoned in another world for 25 years. He's fallen in love, he's found a place in the family mortuary business, and he's nearly caught up to modern times. But when Finn decides to use his father's half-mad invention to launch an Arcane Dating Service, he and his friend/client Bigfoot Sal find themselves in the middle of a drug-fueled rebellion against the Arcane Ruling Council. As Bigfootloose and Finn Fancy Free hits shelves, we're excited to welcome Henderson to share it with his fans at this reading and signing on the day of its release.

Randy Henderson Randy Henderson is an author, milkshake connoisseur, Writers of the Future grand prize winner, relapsed sarcasm addict, and Clarion West  graduate. His dark and quirky contemporary fantasy novel, FINN FANCY NECROMANCY, is available from all major booksellers, and was published by TOR (US) and Titan (UK). 

Pre-Order an Autographed Copy Please Note: Autographed copies of books are only available after the event. $25.99

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