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Loralee Leavitt

Candy Experiments 2 (ANDREWS MCMEEL)

Saturday • March 5 • 3pm

Bellevue Store

Science Workshop

Candy Experiments 2

Following the success of Candy Experiments, kitchen scientist and Seattle-area mom Loralee Leavitt is back with more fun ways to destroy candy and learn basic science in the process. In Candy Experiments 2, Leavitt gives kids and parents 70 new candy experiments—like growing giant gummy worms and turning M&Ms into dazzling comets—to try themselves. Sound like fun? Join us for the chance to try out some of the most fun projects from Leavitt's one-of-a-kind activity book at this interactive science demonstration with Leavitt.

Loralee Leavitt Loralee Leavitt received the Highlights Pewter Plate Award for Nonfiction Feature of the Year, Independent Readers for the "Candy Experiments" article published in Mothering magazine, and her articles in ParentMap helped that magazine win a Gold Award from Parenting Publications of America. A popular freelance writer, she regularly contributes to Cricket, Scouting, Pockets, Boys' Quest, Fun for Kidz, Writers' Journal, and Highlights. She has given Candy Experiments presentations at local and national events, school classrooms, science fairs, Halloween parties, and farmers' markets. Loralee lives in Kirkland, Washington, with her husband and three kids.

Buy an Autographed Copy Please Note: Autographed copies of books are only available after the event. $14.99

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