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Randy Henderson

Smells Like Finn Spirit (TOR)

Wednesday • March 8 • 7pm

U District store

Launch Party

Smells Like Finn Spirit

You're invited to the launch party of local author Randy Henderson's new book! In this final installment of his Familia Arcana series, Smells Like Finn Spirit, Finn Graymare's readaptation to the human world is not going so well. He has a girlfriend and is figuring out how things like the internet work, but he's still carrying the disembodied personality of Alynon, the fae who occupied his body during his imprisonment. And he's not getting along at all with his older brother. And oh, by the way, his dead grandfather is still trying to possess him in order to bring about Armageddon. Meet the author of this hilariously offbeat, supernatural story the day after the book's release.

Randy Henderson Randy Henderson is a 1st place winner of Writers of the Future, a Clarion West graduate, and member of SFWA and Codex. His short fiction has appeared in places like Penumbra, Escape Pod, and Realms of Fantasy, as well as anthologies.

Reserve an Autographed Copy Please Note: Autographed copies of books are only available after the event. $29.99

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