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Molly Peacock

The Analyst: Poems (W.W. NORTON)

Tuesday • March 14 • 7pm

U District store

Reading & Book Signing

The Analyst: Poems

Beloved poet Molly Peacock examines the post-stroke life of her longtime psychoanalyst in this seventh poetry collection. Weaving a vivid tapestry of images, she quietly describes the pauses while waiting for the therapist to recall simple words, conversations, visits, occasional outings together, and the ups and downs of the "one thousand two-hundred and ninety-four hours" that they spent in sessions over the course of her life. Peacock notes that "it isn't what happened that lasts./ Not art, either, but the savory core. What's felt." The Analyst is an exploration of a brilliant mind facing new realities and a decades-long relationship that reverses and continues to evolve. Enjoy an evening of poetry that feeds the soul at this special writer event.

Molly Peacock As president of the Poetry Society of America, Molly Peacock was one of the creators of New Yorks Poetry in Motion program, and she is the series editor of The Best Canadian Poetry in English. She is based in New York and Toronto.

Buy an Autographed Copy Please Note: Autographed copies of books are only available after the event. $25.95

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