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Django Wexler

The Palace of Glass: The Forbidden Library Volume 3 (PENGUIN YOUNG READERS)

Tuesday • April 12 • 7pm

Mill Creek store

Launch Party

The Palace of Glass: The Forbidden Library Volume 3

When Alice's father suddenly disappears in the first book of Django Wexler's Forbidden Library series, her uncle Geryon takes her in and becomes her mentor as she learns to navigate the magical worlds of enchanted libraries. But in the series' third volume, Alice discovers that Geryon may have played a role in her father's disappearance, setting her on an impulsive mission for revenge, putting their enchanted library in danger, causing her to question who—if anyone—she can trust, and convincing her that she must challenge the most long-standing rules of the enchanted world. On the day the book comes out, we're excited to celebrate its release at this reading, signing, and book launch partywith Wexler.

Django Wexler Django Wexler is the author of the Forbidden Library series, as well as the adult fantasy series the Shadow Campaigns. He lives near Seattle, Washington.

Pre-Order an Autographed Copy Please Note: Autographed copies of books are only available after the event. $16.99

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