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Gerard LaSalle


Friday • May 31 • 6pm

Bellevue Store

Reading & Book Signing

Widow Walk

Widow Walk is a fast, deep historical fiction read, exciting page-turner and character study. This story is based on events that occurred during the turbulent mid-nineteenth century in the Pacific Northwest, where the United States and Britain both attempted to control vast, fertile new lands and contain its native "aboriginal" populations. Widow Walk is the story of the tragic clash of cultures and the brave people who fought to survive predation and the violent confrontations that inevitably accompany ambition and expansionism. This is a story of courage, character and the emergence of those who endured.

Gerard LaSalle Gerard LaSalle, born in Seattle, has several degrees including a BA from Reed College, MD from Cornell, MFA in film/video from CalArts, and an emergency medicine residency at UCLA. In his nonmedical pursuits, he is an award-winning documentary and animation filmmaker. His diverse interests also include historical research, sculpting and writing poetry, fiction, and nonfiction prose. Gar LaSalle's studio is on Maury Island in the Puget Sound, near Seattle.

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