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Rural China on the Eve of Revolution (UW PRESS)

Thursday • June 1 • 3:30pm

UW Allen Library, Peterson Room

UW professors Steven Harrell and William Lavely bring us the remarkable fields notes of renowned anthropologist of China, G. William Skinner in Rural China on the Eve of Revolution. In ...  Read more

Seeing a Better City

Thursday • June 1 • 4pm

Center for Architecture and Design at 1010 Wester Ave, Seattle, 98104

Charles Wolfe shows readers how to better understand and improve urban design through clear prose and vibrant photography in Seeing a Better City. His "urban diary" approach emphasizes human observation ...  Read more

Thursday • June 1 • 5:30pm

Mill Creek store

in partnership with Snohomish County Reading Council

Find your perfect summer book at this fun event for adults and kids! Our avid readers will introduce you to an array ...  Read more

The Turner House by Angela Flournoy

Thursday • June 1 • 6:30pm

U District store

Join the Refined Reads book club!

We're excited to announce our new partnership with KOMO's Seattle Refined for the Refined Reads book club. Each month we'll introduce you to one amazing, discussion-worthy book. Read along with us during the month through weekly check-ins with page goals, exclusive content, and author interviews. You'll also get the chance to participate in on-camera discussions for the show!

Sign up for the book club HERE and join us for one of our monthly book discussions.

May Title: The Turner House

In May, we'll be reading The Turner House by Angela Flournoy and meeting up to discuss the book on June 1 at 6:30pm at our U District store.

The Turners have lived on Yarrow Street for over fifty years. Their house has seen 13 children grown, the arrival of grandchildren, the fall of Detroit's East Side, and the loss of a father. But now, as ailing matriarch Viola finds herself forced to leave her home, the family discovers that the house is worth just a tenth of its mortgage. The Turner children are called home to decide its fate and to reckon with how their pasts haunt—and shape—their family's future in this powerful debut work.

Monthly Refined Reads book discussions will rotate among different University Book Store locations around the Puget Sound.

Stay on top of this and other bookstore events by signing up for our events enewsletter today!

Climate Change and Nature: While Choice is Ours

Thursday • June 1 • 7pm

U District Store- Gardening Space

Poet Elizabeth Elliott brings us her latest collection, Climate Change and Nature: While Choice is Ours. Elliott's words are wonderfully authentic and rhythmic and sprinkled with unexpected humor and irreverence. ...  Read more

Saturday • June 3 • 12pm


Mill Creek store

Join Us for a Chalkboard Lettering Workshop!

Learn the techniques for creating decorative chalkboard art for your home or events. This hands-on workshop provides a great introduction to this ...  Read more

My Dear Wife and Children: Letters from a 2nd Minnesota Volunteer

Saturday • June 3 • 2pm

Tacoma store

Join us for a fantastic dramatic reading with Nick K. Adams! He'll be dressed in costume as Minnesota's 1861 governor, Alexander Ramsey—who sent Adams's great-great-grandfather to fight in the Civil ...  Read more

Legal Codes and Talking Trees (YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS)

Saturday • June 3 • 6pm

U District store

In most western states, it was once difficult—if not impossible—for Native women to inherit property, raise mixed-race children, or take legal action in the event of rape or abuse. Legal ...  Read more

Sunday • June 4 • 11:30am

Mill Creek store

Sometimes there's no better listener than man's best friend—especially when children are learning how to read.

Join us the first Sunday of every month as we partner with ...  Read more

The Psychedelic Gospels: The Secret History of Hallucinogens in Christianity (PARK STREET PRESS)

Monday • June 5 • 7pm

U District store

Throughout medieval Christianity, religious works of art emerged to illustrate the teachings of the Bible for the largely illiterate population. What, then, is the significance of the psychoactive mushrooms hiding ...  Read more

Not a Sound (HARPER)

Monday • June 5 • 7pm

Seattle Public Library, Central Branch, 1000 Fourth Avenue

It's been two years since the freak hit-and-run accident that cost Amelia, a former ER nurse, her hearing and caused a downward spiral in to depression, alcoholism, and unemployment. Now ...  Read more

Single but Dating: A Field Guide to Dating in the Digital Age (NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH PUBLISHING)

Monday • June 5 • 7pm

Rachel's Ginger Beer

Get great dating advice from Australia's most in-demand sexologist and relationship expert and enjoy some delicious ginger beer.

In Single But Dating, Dr. Nikki Goldstein dispenses invaluable tips on ...  Read more


Upstream: Searching for Wild Salmon from River to Table (BALLANTINE)

Monday • June 5 • 7:30pm

Town Hall Seattle, Downstairs, 1119 8th Avenue

Award-winning author Langdon Cook offers the story of what is perhaps the last great wild food: salmon. Upstream is a timely, in-depth look at how these beloved fish have nourished ...  Read more


Tuesday • June 6 • 11am

U District store

Join us at our U District store for dramatic readings of the best in new and classic kids books.

You bring the kids, and we'll provide the activities and entertainment.

StoryTime for Kids is appropriate for ages 3 - 7.


The Black Prism by Brent Weeks

Tuesday • June 6 • 6:30pm

Mill Creek store

Join Wayward Readers Society for a lively discussion of this month's book!

Gavin Guile is the Prism: the most powerful man in the world. He is high priest and emperor, a polychrome who can use all seven forms of color magic. His power, wit, and charm are all that preserves the tenuous peace. But Prisms never last, and Guile knows exactly how long he has left to live. When he discovers he has a son—born in a far kingdom after the war that put him in power—he must decide how much he is willing to pay to protect a secret that could tear his world apart. The Black Prism is a fantastic opener to the Lightbringer series.

Book club members save 20% when you purchase this title at our Mill Creek store.

Letters to Follow: A Dancer's Adventure (TENDRIL PRESS)

Tuesday • June 6 • 7pm

Mill Creek store

Lynne Meadows is a young professional dancer at the Intermountain Ballet Company in Montana. When the artistic director recommends her to a summer dance troupe performing across France, she jumps ...  Read more

Wednesday • June 7 • 11am

Mill Creek store

Join us at our Mill Creek store for dramatic readings of the best in new and classic kids books. You bring the kids, and we'll provide the activities and refreshments. StoryTime for Kids is appropriate for toddler to preschool age children. Call 425.385.3530 for details.


The Frozen Hours (PENGUINRANDOM)

Wednesday • June 7 • 7pm

U District store

Master of military historical fiction Jeff Shaara shares his riveting new novel about the Korean War this Wednesday. In June, 1950, the North Korean army invades South Korea. In response, ...  Read more

Woodland: The Story of Animals and People of Woodland Park Zoo

Wednesday • June 7 • 7pm

U District store

Meet author John Bierlein for a reading from his new book about a local landmark! Follow the history of Woodland Park Zoo from its 19th-century beginnings as a park ...  Read more

Clementine: The Life of Mrs. Winston Churchill by Sonia Purnell

Thursday • June 8 • 6:30pm

Mill Creek store

Join the Odd Shelf book club for a lively discussion of this month's book!

Discover a sharply drawn, absorbing portrait of the woman Winston Churchill says victory in WWII would have been impossible without. Clementine Churchill was his elegant, strong-willed wife and she acted as his adviser, political strategist, campaign partner, manager, and unfailing champion. Driven by insecurities despite her intelligence and beauty, she made his career her mission. When his reputation suffered horribly from his role in the disastrous 1915 defeat in the Dardanelles, she urged him to enlist in the Great War from which he emerged with a "military halo." Clementine is revealed as a smart, savvy, and independent-minded woman who disagreed with her husband on political issues like women's suffrage, and on personal matters like holidays, gambling, and their son in this long overdue tribute to her life.

Book club members save 20% when you purchase this title at our Mill Creek store.

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