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Betsy Hartmann

The American Syndrome

Monday • June 26 • 7:30pm

Town Hall Seattle, Downstairs, 1119 8th Avenue

Reading & Book Signing

The American Syndrome

Historian and public policy advocate Betsy Hartmann sheds light on a pervasive but—until now—invisible theme shaping the American mindset: apocalyptic thinking, or the belief that the end of the world is nigh. Hartmann makes a compelling case that apocalyptic fears are deeply intertwined with the American ethos, to our detriment. In The America Syndrome, she seeks to reclaim human agency and, in so doing, revise the national narrative. By changing the way we think, we just might change the world. Find out how apocalyptic thinking has contributed inequality, permanent war, and the exploitation of natural resources at an enlightening evening with the author.

Betsy Hartmann Betsy Hartmann is a professor emerita of development studies and senior policy analyst of the Population and Development Program at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Her research, writing, teaching, and lecturing focus on the intersections between population, migration, environment, and security issues, and she is widely published in popular, policy, and scholarly venues. She is the author of Reproductive Rights and Wrongs: The Global Politics of Population Control and two political thrillers, Far Right, The Truth about Fire and Deadly Election. She is the co-author of A Quiet Violence: View from a Bangladesh Village, and co-editor of the anthology Making Threats: Biofears and Environmental Anxieties. In spring 2015 Hartmann was a Fulbright-Nehru Distinguished Chair in India, where she lectured and did research on Indian and international population policy. A long-standing activist in the international women's health movement, she is known for her work to challenge and reform population policy and promote reproductive and environmental justice. She received her BA magna cum laude in South Asian Studies from Yale University and her PhD in Development Studies from the London School of Economics.

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