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Nick's Book Club

Confession of the Lioness by Mia Couto

Monday • July 31 • 6pm

The book store cafe fireside

Book Club

Confession of the Lioness

Join Nick's Picks book club for a lively discussion of this month's book!

Mariamar's sister, Silencia, was the most recent victim of the lions attacking the villagers of Kulumani in Mozambique. Now, a hunter has arrived to kill the marauding animals and he's someone Mariamar knows; moody charmer Archie Bullseye saved her from the unwanted attentions of the village policeman. Archie and Mariamar are the only two who suspect what is really happening as terror mounts and lions are not the only danger. Told in alternating diaries between Mariamar and Archie, this plunge into ancient African religion and deadly contemporary jealousies builds to an unforgettable encounter.

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Nick's Book Club Nick DiMartino has had over twenty plays in full-run productions across the United States. His musical adaptations of Ozma of Oz and Rama were performed by the Bellevue Children's Theatre. His adaptations of Dracula, Pinocchio, and The Snow Queen were performed by Seattle Children's Theatre. His adaptation of Frankenstein premiered at the Honolulu Theatre for Youth, was videotaped in 1997 by the BBC and released as a video by Globalstage. His two musical adaptations from the Kalevala were produced by the Finlandia Foundation. He's been the campus book-buyer for the University Book Store at the University of Washington for over forty years, hosts two book clubs, and reviews international fiction online for Shelf Awareness. He lives in Seattle. His books include: Student Union, The Devil in Love, Joseph Golem, Women Who Can't Stop Talking, Love in the American Empire, Pineapple Moon, Changes, Dude, Ghost Novels, Christmas Ghost Story, University Ghost Story, Seattle Ghost Story, Memoirs, Mars versus Maple School, and Throw Me Among My Own.

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