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T. Alex Tennent

The Messianic Feast: Moving Beyond The Ritual (MESSIANIC)

Saturday • August 23 • 6pm

U District store

Reading & Book Signing

The Messianic Feast: Moving Beyond The Ritual

Tying for first place in the religion category of the annual Independent Publishers Book Award's, T. Alex Tennent's The Messianic Feast has already gained significant recognition. Drawing on historical and scriptural investigation to challenge commonly held beliefs surrounding Christian Communion rituals, its reinterpretation of scripture—as well as the practices it has spawned—also presents major new truths for the Christian religion. Curious about the true spiritual feast Tennent asserts Jesus was actually referencing during his Last Supper teachings? Join us for a reading and signing with Tennent to learn more about what those teachings actually meant back then and what they mean to us today.

T. Alex Tennent After graduating from Bible college in Seattle in 1983, T. Alex Tennent entered the graduate degree theology program. Motivated by a love for God's word, he continued studying the Greek language to better interpret and understand the original scriptures. This journey led to harmonizing the Greek scriptures relating to the Last Supper controversy, in turn opening the door to even greater understandings.

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