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Felice Picano and Eric Andrews-Katz

True Stories and Tartarus

Friday • September 8 • 7pm

U District store

Reading & Book Signing

True Stories and Tartarus

Felice Picano and Eric Andrews-Katz share their exciting new titles.

Picano's True Stories is a new collection of memoirs, many of which have never appeared in print. Inside are sweet and sometimes controversial anecdotes of his precocious childhood, odd, funny, and often disturbing encounters from his youth and his adulthood as one of the first GLBT publishers. Throughout are delightful encounters and surprising relationships with notable names like Tennessee Williams, W.H. Auden, Charles Henri Ford, Bette Midler, and Diana Vreeland.

Andrews-Katz's Tartarus is a modern story steeped in mythology. Long ago, the Olympian Gods conquered the Titans. Echidna, Mother of Monsters, was imprisoned in Tartarus, but centuries later she has escaped. In the contemporary Pacific Northwest, twins Adrian and Annelise have lived unaware of their Olympian heritage. When Adrian is introduced to Zack, sparks fly and when Echidna unleashes a brutal attack, Zack reveals his own Divine lineage. Now he must teach them about their birthright and powers for the battle to come.

No Image Available Felice Picano is one of the original members of the infamous Violet Quill writer's group. He has established himself as one of the foremost GLBT authors of the 20th Century, and is the author of more than 32 novels, plays, short stories collections. His latest books have included: True Stories (an anthology of the in famous people he has met over his extensive career), True Stories, Too (an anthology of the many places/adventures he has experienced world wide), and Night At Rizzoli (a collection of tales about the incredible people/experiences met at the famous, glamorous bookstore in New York City).

Tom Baker is a graduate of the College of William & Mary. He enjoyed a successful career in the advertising world, winning many awards for the ads and commercials he produced. He now writes full time. Baker lives in a tree house in Santa Monica Canyon with his two beagles. His longtime companion, Gary, left for a better world in 2011.

Eric Andrews-Katz was born in New York. When he was twelve, his family moved to Florida without asking. Eventually, he studied creative writing at USF before attending the Florida School of Massage. After moving to Seattle in 1994, Eric started a successful Licensed Massage business (The Massage Guy™) and lives with his partner, Alan.

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