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Caleb Scharf

The Copernicus Complex (FSG)

Monday • October 6 • 7pm

U District store

Discussion & Book Signing

The Copernicus Complex

Throughout history, every culture believed that the earth was the center of our universe. That is, until Copernicus proposed that the earth revolved around the sun, and our existence was demoted from one of significance to one of mediocrity. In Caleb Scharf's new book, he weaves together cutting-edge science, history, and philosophy to propose that our place in the universe lies somewhere in the balance, encompassing both our indistinguishable coexistence with all that surrounds us and our uniqueness within the particular time, place, and circumstances in which we exist. For a deeper look into Scharf's new theory and exploration of what it means on both a scientific and human level, join us for a book signing and conversation between Scharf and UW Professor of Earth and Space Sciences, David Catling.

Caleb Scharf Caleb Scharf is the director of the Columbia Astrobiology Center. He writes for The New Yorker, New Scientist, Science, Scientific American, and Nature, among other publications, and has served as a consultant for the Discovery Channel, the Science Channel, and The New York Times. Scharf has been a keynote speaker for the American Museum of Natural History and the Rubin Museum of Art, and is the author of Gravitys Engines. He lives in New York City with his wife and two daughters.

Buy an Autographed Copy Please Note: Autographed copies of books are only available after the event. $26.00

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