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Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine

Tuesday • October 10 • 6:30pm

Mill Creek store

Book Club

Ink and Bone

SPECIAL MEETING DAY: This month's meeting will be on the second Tuesday of the month instead of the first.

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The first book in an exciting series by New York Times best-selling author Rachel Caine! In a magical world of the near-future where knowledge is controlled by a powerful ruling body known as the Great Library, alchemy allows the Library to deliver content instantly, but personal ownership of books is forbidden. Sixteen-year-old Jess Brightwell comes from a family of book smugglers, but he doesn't have his heart in the family business. When he gets the opportunity to test for a position in the Library, his family allows it—on the condition that he agrees to help out the family in return.

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No Image Available Rachel Caine's rich, diverse bibliography of more than 50 books in print covers many categories and genres. She started out writing horror and fantasy as Roxanne Longstreet (Stormriders, The Undead, Red Angel, Cold Kiss, Slow Burn) before switching to the name Roxanne Conrad and publishing romantic suspense and mystery (Copper Moon, Bridge of Shadows, Exile). By 2003, she began to publish under her current pseudonym, specializing in urban fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal young adult fiction.

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