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Jason Vanhee

Engines of the Broken World (HENRY HOLT)

Tuesday • November 5 • 7pm

U District store

Reading & Book Signing

Engines of the Broken World

You'll forgive us if we're extra-excited for this debut YA novel. It's just that the author, Seattle's Jason Vanhee, is a former employee of University Book Store, and wrote Engines of the Broken World while he was a coworker of ours. So this chilling tale of a brother, a sister, and the body of a dea mother has a special place in our hearts. We feel the siblings' guilt about being unable to bury their mom in the frozen ground. And we feel their distress when their mother's voice returns, singing a lullaby.

Jason Vanhee Jason Vanhee was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and still calls it home. He writes in several genres and styles, including contemporary fiction, historical fiction, young adult, fantasy and horror. He once drank at every bar in the city of Seattle in a year in order to get out more often. He has worked around the world on Semester at Sea, which still amazes him. He once appeared in a movie that was never released and as a result has a filmography scattered about the Internet that is essentially imaginary.

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