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Janna Silverstein, Wolfgang Baur, Jeff Grubb, Chris Pramas, John A. Pitts, Steve Winter

Kobold Guide to Combat (KOBOLD PRESS)

Wednesday • November 5 • 7pm

U District store

Reading & Book Signing

Kobold Guide to Combat

At the heart of every adventure lies conflict, especially when it comes to the epic fantasy stories of role playing games. In the Kobold Guide to Combat—the latest book in Kobold Press' award-winning series of game design guides—15 of the industry's most respected game designers and storytellers show you how to create great conflict and combat on the tabletop and in your storytelling. Whether you're looking for a better understanding of military strategy or advice on using monsters and magic on the battlefield, this discussion and signing with an entire panel of Kobold contributors is not to be missed.

Panelists will include editor Janna Silverstein, along with contributors Wolfgang Baur, Jeff Grubb, Chris Pramas, John A. Pitts, and Steve Winter.

No Image Available Janna Silverstein is a science fiction and fantasy writer and editor with a number of anthologies and short stories to her credit. Her work has appeared in Asimov's Science Fiction, Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, 10Flash Quarterly, and in the anthologies Swordplay and The Trouble With Heroes, among others. She was twice a Writers of the Future semi-finalist.

Wolfgang Baur started writing for Dungeon Magazine at the tender age of 14, sold a few manuscripts, and found he had a taste for text and gaming. He is a game designer, editor, and the publisher the founder of Kobold Press. After 20 years in publishing, it's safe to call it a habit. Baur is best known for his work on roleplaying games, including Planescape, Forgotten Realms, Al-Qadim, Dark*Matter, as well as adventure paths for Pathfinder.

Jeff Grubb is an author of novels, short stories, and comics and a computer and role-playing game designer in the fantasy genre. Grubb worked on the Dragonlance campaign setting under Tracy Hickman, and the Forgotten Realms setting with Ed Greenwood.His written works include The Finder's Stone Trilogy, the Spelljammer and Jakandor campaign settings and contributions to Dragonlance and the computer game Guild Wars Nightfall (2006).

Chris Pramas is an game designer and writer, as well as a founder of Green Ronin Publishing. He is best known as the designer of the Dragon Age RPG, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, and Freeport: The City of Adventure.

John A. Pitts learned to love science fiction at the knee of his grandmother, listening to her read authors like Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard during his childhood in rural Kentucky. Pitts has a BA in English and a Masters of Library Science from University of Kentucky. In addition, he is a graduate of the Oregon Coast Writers Workshops with Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith. Pitts is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Rob Heinsoo is an tabletop game designer. He has been designing and contributing to professional role-playing games, card games, and board games since 1994. Rob was the lead designer on 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons (2008), and is co-designer of the 13th Age roleplaying game along with Jonathan Tweet.

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