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The Inner Level Penguin Random House

Friday • February 1 • 6pm

U District store

Why are people more relaxed and at ease with each other in some countries than others? Why is mental illness three times more common in the United States than in ...  Read more

A Girl Named Cricket

Saturday • February 2 • 4pm

U District store

Though their planet is dying, teenage alien Cricket Sminth is still furious at her parents for having tricked her into leaving home. What's more, in the form of a sixteen-year-old ...  Read more

Mouthguard (Gamma Press)

Tuesday • February 5 • 1pm


U District store

"'Magic isn't real,' Sadie Dupuis explains early on in Mouthguard, and although we are apt to believe anything she says, it's hard to believe such a statement after reading these ...  Read more

Split Tooth (Penguin Random House)

Wednesday • February 6 • 5pm

UW Intellectual House

Presented by the Meany Center For The Performing Arts. This event will be held at the UW Intellectual House and is free and open to the public.

Longlisted ...  Read more

The Seattle General Strike: Centennial Edition (UW PRESS)

Thursday • February 7 • 6pm

New Time

U District store

"We are undertaking the most tremendous move ever made by LABOR in this country, a move which will lead-NO ONE KNOWS WHERE!" With these words echoing throughout the city, on ...  Read more

Unfollowing You (Andrews McNeel)

Thursday • February 7 • 7pm


University Temple United Methodist Church The Sanctuary, 1415 NE 43rd Street


Komal Kapoor opens up her inbox and her heart ...  Read more


Never Caught by Erica Armstrong Dunbar

Friday • February 8 • 6:30pm


U District store

Join The Nancy Pearl book club for a lively discussion of this month's book!

A startling and eye-opening look into Americas First Family, Never Caught is the powerful narrative of Ona Judge, George and Martha Washingtons runaway slave who risked everything to escape the nations capital and reach freedom.

As George Washington set up residence with his secretary and eight slaves, including Ona Judge, in Philadelphia, the temporary capital, the Founding Father circumvented a Pennsylvania law that enslaved people be set free after 6 months by sending his slaves south as their enslavement was about to expire. Though Ona Judge lived comfortably compared to other slaves, her first glimpse of freedom in Philadelphia moved her to escape. At just twenty-two-years-old, Ona became the subject of an intense manhunt led by Washington himself, who used his political and personal contacts to recapture his property.

With impeccable research, historian Erica Armstrong Dunbar weaves a powerful tale and offers fascinating new scholarship on how one young woman risked it all to gain freedom from the famous founding father.

Book club members, save 20% when you purchase this title at our U District store.

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